Body Treatments

TOOTH FAIRY GEMS                              PER TREATMENT

Small Crystals                                                            £25.00
Large Crystals                                                            £30.00


Ear & Nose Piercing

A quick hygienic system using sterile, gold plated or stainless steel studs (including aftercare solution).  £15.00




ARMS - £15.00

BACK - £15.00

CHIN - £3.00

FULL FACE - £10.00

LOWER LIP - £2.00


STOMACH - £12.00

UPPER LIP - £2.50



EYE TREATMENTS (24 hours skin test required prior treatments)




HD BROWS (with threading) - £15.00

HD BROWS (with waxing) - £15.00



Body Wraps

At Jaimini Skin & Beauty Clinic in Leicester, Leicestershire, our body wraps and detox body treatments are developed to detoxify the body, emulsify fat and reduce cellulite, improve muscle tone and skin texture.

Nourishing and relaxing

- Course of 6                                £255.00

- Plant body wrap                        £45.00

Provides lymphatic drainage

- Course of 6                                £255.00

- Seaweed                                    £45.00

Nourishing and relaxing

- Course of 6                               £255.00

- Fizzing Cocoa Bean                  £45.00

Inch loss

- Course of 3                             £95.00
- Course of 6                             £140.00
- Aqua Detox                            £15.00

The revolutionary way to detoxify and re-balance your body. Simply soak your feet and detox.

- Foot massage 20min            £10.00
- Hopi Ear Candles                  £15.00

Stimulates lymphatic drainage

- Universal Contour Wrap        £35.00

Fighting ageing skin

- Course of 6                              £255.00
- Rubber mask wrap                 £45.00

Body Work


Boost your energy levels and re-energise your body with the classic Swedish massage with blends of oils to provide a firm and deeply relaxing and healing experience.  We recommend it for its effectiveness in relieving muscle soreness and stimulating overall blood circulation.  Do let our therapist know where they need to focus more to facilitate healing. 1 hour - £30.00


A part of the daily ritual of ancient Indians, this ritual uses long stokes and warm herb infused sesame oil to stimulate circulation, enhance joint mobility, relieve muscle soreness, detox and hydrate the skin. 1 hour - £30.00


Indulge in this authentic massage style with uplifting combination of aroma oils, are blended with cold pressed anti-oxidant rice base to provide a gentle relaxing massage which works on senses as much as it works on the skin and nerve endings.  Surrender yourself to a thoroughly pampering experience! 

1 hour - £30.00


This is an offering gleaned from the Buddhist monasteries where the austere monks perfected the art of pampering the body to become a temple for the soul.  Here, we bring you the same art combining the use of Marma points with traditional Thai meridian massage.  While this ritual involves deep tissue body work, the use of gentle rhythmic pressure and stretching, balances energy throughout the body. 1 hour 30 min - £35.00

Native American Hot Stone 

Inspired by the energy healers of the original American tribes, this unique spiritual ritual starts with a deeply relaxingmassage.  The massage is carried out with oil enveloped warm volcanic stones which are placed on key energy points on the body, evoking warmth, allowing the body to soak up the gentle heat.  This will leave you rejuvenated, relaxed and feeling light in body and mind. 1 hour 30 min  - £35.00


Kaeso Basic Manicure

Shape, hand soak, cuticle removal and varnish. £17.00


Kaeso Luxury Manicure

Shape, hand soak, cuticle removal, hand and lower arm massage and varnish. £19.00


Kaeso Deluxe Manicure

A relaxing hand treatment which includes shaping the nails, cuticle care, moisture pack, exfoliating crystals with hand and lower arm massage –hot paraffin wax treatment is applied,hands are then wrapped in warm towel or mitts followed by finishing lotion and varnish. £22.00


Varnish Application



Shellac Hands



Shellac Removal



Kaeso Basic Pedicure

Soak, dead skin removal, clean, shape, cuticle removal and varnish. £23.00


Kaeso Luxury Pedicure

Soak, dead skin removal, clean, shape, cuticle removal and varnish with foot and lower leg massage. £27.00

Kaeso Deluxe Pedicure

A relaxing foot treatment which includes soak, shaping the nails, cuticle care, exfoliating mask with feet and lower leg massage. Finally, foot treatment is applied to repair dry and cracked skin. The feet are then wrapped in a warm towel or booties followed by finishing lotion and varnish. £30.00


Shellac Feet