Available from Jaimini Skin & Beauty Clinic in Leicester, Leicestershire, Galvanic is a complete facial treatment using high frequency currents. It deep cleanses the skin, improves the oxygenation and circulation in the treated area. These hydrating facials include a relaxing face and neck massage.

Appropriate hydra gel for your skins needs is used and penetrated in to the deeper layers of the skin using galvanic current. Here the hydra gel stimulates cellular regeneration and hydration as well as deep cleansing.

High frequency is then used to create germicidal effect on the skin’s surface and circulation is boosted. The galvanic charge increases the efficacy of the products used during the treatment and brings an elevated level of nourishment to the skin. £35.00
A course of 6 Galvanic treatments is recommended over a 6 week period. £180.00

Suitable for all skin types extremely advantageous for those with acne prone & open pores.