Crystal Clear Oxygen Therapy

The oxygen facial from a range of Crystal Clear treatments is the perfect way to rejuvenate ageing skin. As we age, oxygen levels in the skin cells decrease resulting in a loss of elasticity and the formation of lines and wrinkles. Oxygen therapy replenishes lost oxygen and the active ingredients in the serum restructure the skin, visibly plumping out the lines and wrinkles. Results are immediate and continues to work long after the treatment, stimulating cell regeneration.

The treatment from Jaimini Skin & Beauty Clinic in Leicester, Leicestershire, is also the perfect choice for acne conditions due to the anti-bacterial effect of the serum used. Potential scarring is reduced and the built up of bacteria within the skin is diminished. £55.00
A course of 6 treatments. £275.00


Advanced Laser and IPL facial photo rejuvenation. The laser light is absorbed by water and collagen in the skin causing controlled thermal damage, which results in collagen regeneration. Stimulates own collagen and elastin production. Reduces fine lines, wrinkles and pores size. Improves  texture of skin. Proven results for acne prone skin. £25.00
A session of eight is recommended.