Non-Surgical Face Toning

The C.A.C.I (Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument) is the result of 20 years research by one of the most acknowledged pioneers of micro current therapies.

Dr Thomas Wing (founder of Tsunami sequencing) who worked alongside of James Suzuki (founder of Suzuki sequencing) created the ultimate in anti-ageing technology.

CACI works by combining a unique patented waveform (Tsunami), with the naturally occurring bio electric current of the body, to achieve instantly visible results on sagging muscles and skin tissue, helping to tone, lift and re-educate the muscles back to their original position.

Now with the launch of CACI Quantum system, the most sought after salon treatment is now even better. It helps to re-define facial muscles, reducing lines and wrinkles while simultaneously tightening, toning and is preventative and correcting treatment. £40.00


A course of 10 treatments are recommended over a 10 week period. £350.00

It is no wonder that C.A.C.I is now a household name and has a vast array of celebrity clientele.


CACI - JOWL LIFT - £35.00 (COURSE OF 10 - £300.00)

Developed to specially target muscles laxity around the jaw line


CACI – EYE LIFT -  £35.00 (COURSE OF 10 - £300.00)

Will work to lift & firm the muscles around the eye



Combined Visible light (red or blue) and invisible infra-red LED therapy