Relax, unwind and let your tension slip away with massage therapy from Jaimini Skin & Beauty Clinic in Leicester, Leicestershire. Our relaxing massages will help relieve muscular tension, improve circulation and aid lymphatic drainage.  Choose our Full Body Massage or Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage and you will fell refreshingly revived.


- Back Massage (30 mins) - £20.00


- Back, Shoulder & Neck Massage (45 mins) - £25.00

- Full Body Massage (45 mins) - £40.00


Traditionally known in India as “Champi” this is the source of all modern scalp therapies.  It is an invigorating experience where firm and
fast strokes are combined with stimulation of trigger points on the head to improve blood flow, nourish and induce a deep sense of calm.  With the Indian head massage, our therapist vouches for its ability to bring about quick stress relief. 30 mins - £20.00

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage therapy is a powerful thermodynamic massage using selected ancient basalt stones with a blend of essential oils. Our professionals in Leicester, Leicestershire, strategically place stones on the body whilst other areas are being massaged with the hot stones with this massage treatment. 


- ½ Body, Back & Backs of Legs (45 mins) - £25.00


- ¾ Body Legs, Back, Neck & Head (45 mins) - £35.00


- Full Body, More Heaven! (45 mins) - £45.00

Crystal Clear Back Treatment

Includes cleanse, microdermabrasion. £45.00

Exfoliating Body Treatment

An invigorating body treatment to exfoliate and revitalise dull and dry skin. Ideal as a pre-holiday, pre wedding treatment for a silky smooth skin. £45.00